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Market season

Maine makers markets are hopping this summer. My calendar is getting booked pretty quickly and in addition I've been adding new retail relationships around the state. Keeping track of where I'll be set up on any given weekend is getting complicated. It seems that the season had a slow start but is starting to pick up speed. I can't figure out if people are feeling the effects of gas prices and perhaps pulling back on spending. But the weather has been amazing and the vibe at the various makers markets and farmers markets has been really fun.

I think we were all so excited to be out in the world last summer and shopping in person that it was an especially exciting time in the makers scene. Plus so many makers were taking advantage of the COVID upheavals in work life etc. to finally feel the opportunity to take the next step in their maker's journey.

This week we have a special guest in the house. We are dog-sitting a beautiful and sweet Springer Spaniel. We have had many spaniels in my extended family and I've been meaning to try to make a "spaniel bowl" which has a wide base and a narrower opening. This design helps to prevent soggy ears when the pup gets a drink of water. The narrow opening encourages their long ears to stay out of the water. I'm going to ask the owner if she is interested in a spaniel bowl for this guy and I can customize a glaze color if she would like.

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