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How We Do It

We will ship pieces promptly and use weight-based shipping charges. We usually ship via USPS to domestic addresses.

Up to 1 pound: $8.00

1 to 2 pounds: $10.00

2 to 4 pounds: $13.oo

4 to 6 pounds: $15.00

Over 6 pounds: $18.00

Orders of $150 and over qualify for free shipping in the continental US.


How It Works

JoMo Pottery is hand crafted and will therefore have slight irregularities that highlight the handmade nature of the pieces. If any piece has a serious defect we will be happy to accept returns.


Trust Us with Your Information

JoMo Pottery values your privacy and will do everything we can to protect your personal information. We will not sell your personal information. We use third-party banking to verify payment. We will protect customers’ contact information and will only use it for occasional direct communications to alert you to new pieces or blog posts, for example.  Customer privacy is of the highest importance to us we want you to feel you can shop with confidence.

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